Sexy pirate Chloe poses in her hot outfit on the desk then forces a man to lick her yummy pussy. He did a good job so she rewarded him with some sex. They shagged hard in a variety of positions before he jizzed all over her ripe boobies.


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Jay had been trying to quit smoking for a while and had now came to the point where he need to seek medical assistance. His doctor meant he had an oral fixation and wanted him to suck on a lollipop instead. He refused to do that but when she offered him to suck on her big titties he was all game.


Things got real heated now and he pulled up her skirt and started to lick her twat. She returned the favour with a blowjob, she deepthroated it as well. Then she rode his boner like there was no tomorrow on the doctor bench. See the full episode at Doctor Adventures »


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4,5 minutes of shower fucking!



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Naughty girl Chloe is posing in her fine lingerie in the bath room before she hops into the shower, still wearing her stockings. She gets her delicious body all soaped up which was very sexy to watch! Then she invites a bloke to join her and he was packing a huge fucking dick!


He is more interested in her than the shower so he feels her up while his dong gets harder and harder. She gets down on her knees and sucks him good before they fuck like wild animals on the bath room floor.

















































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