Chloe treats her husband as scum and it only got worse when she invited Shane Diesel over to fuck her in front of him. He was packing a monstercock that was putting her husband to shame! I'd hate to be him in this situation and watch his wife choke on that huge black schlong!


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Amia and Chloe have been girlfriends for a while and has sex on the regular. Chloe has total control of their relationship and this is something Amia's step-mom Isis has noticed. So she decided to teach her a lesson so she would teach Amia with respect from now on.


That's how she ended up joining them for a threesome and slammed Chloe's brains out with a strap-on dildo.


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7,5 minute long interracial video!



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Chloe and Shane Diesel hit if off after the annual AVN show in Las Vegas. They played some pool when they started to talk about Shane's legendary dick. Chloe wanted to see it and he had no problems with that. She was shocked when she saw the size but put it in her mouth and started to suck on it. He enjoyed it so he had no objections.


He made sure her punani was wet by licking it before he rammed his dong into it. He nailed her in multiple positions around the room before he ended off with a creampie.


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Jay had been trying to quit smoking for a while and had now came to the point where he need to seek medical assistance. His doctor meant he had an oral fixation and wanted him to suck on a lollipop instead. He refused to do that but when she offered him to suck on her big titties he was all game.


Things got real heated now and he pulled up her skirt and started to lick her twat. She returned the favour with a blowjob, she deepthroated it as well. Then she rode his boner like there was no tomorrow on the doctor bench. See the full episode at Doctor Adventures »


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From the episode The Case Of The College Slut.


Chloe got a little too drunk during springbreak and is arrested by officer Keni. She does not want to spend the night in prison so it doesn't take long before she tries to get his attention by flashing her huge boobs. That got him over to the cell but it wasn't enough to release her. She had to throw something better into the mix so she asked if he liked a blowjob.


She pulled out his large dong and sucked i through the cell bars. She invited him into her cell where she received cunilingus before he banged her boobs. That felt nice but the pussy fucking that followed felt even nicer. She rode his boner and got nailed doggystyle before he released her and deleted her from the records.






















































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